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As an all-in-one skincare manufacturer for OEM/white-label/maklon, we are excited to make your dream skincare brand possible and with the best quality too! You'll be assisted by our experts in pharmaceuticals who have 15 years of experience.

Private Brand, Uniquely Yours.

Personalized your products by choosing your own ingredients, formula, and packaging—all assisted by our R&D team

Why Us?

We help beauty brand to start better and stronger.

Huge Production Capacity

We are capable of producing OEM/white-label/maklon products up to 3,000 tons/annum.



Negotiable Minimal Oder

We will advise the most ideal initial order based on product type and expiration date.



High Quality Ingredients

Safe for everyone and for all skin types.


Brand Creation Process

Transforming your idea into a ready-to-launch brand.

Initiation Process

This process includes:

  • Brand concept and consultation
  • Product sample creation
  • Contract signing.


Payment Process

You may proceed the payment to which final price depends on the product composition and final agreed scope of work

Permit License Management

We will process your brand’s legalizations and compliance, including:

  • Brand registration
  • BPOM certification


Production Process

Mass manufacturing process of your products started here.

Quality Control

We make sure only the best-quality products will reach you and your customers. This process includes final laboratory testing and packaging checking.

Product Shipping

After everything has been approved and meets the standard quality, your products will be shipped to your place.

Your Dream Brand Starts Here.

Tell us your dream beauty brand and we'll let you know how to make it work.